The Popular Braun SE5280 Silk-Epil Epilator

Braun SE5280 Epilator Review

Braun Silk-epil 5 5280
Braun Silk-epil 5 5280
Braun Silk-epil 5 5280

After reading the directions carefully and properly prepping the skin, you will be happy to find many comforting features on the Braun SE5280 Silk-epil epilator.Feature List

  • High-Frequency Massage
  • Cooling Glove
  • Close-Grip Technology
  • Pivoting Head
  • SoftLift Tips
  • Smartlight
  • Fully Washable
  • Speed Personalization

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In case using an epilator is new to you, epilators are small, handheld beauty appliances that mechanically grasp multiple hairs at once to remove them. An epilator has multiple, tiny tweezers on the head that grasp the hairs in order to remove them. This way, the epilator is only removing the hair instead of the hair and surrounding skin cells. The process is similar to waxing, however using an epilator does not remove epidermal skin cells like waxing does.

The Braun SE5280 Silk-epil epilator is specifically designed with newbies in mind. The Braun SE5280 has massage rollers that stimulate the skin to help keep the it relaxed, effectively reducing irritation and discomfort. It also includes an extra-gentle cooling glove to help cool and soothe afterwards.

Let’s not kid around though, using an epilator is uncomfortable. Anything that includes tweezers and ripping out large clumps of hair at once is going to make you wince a little. But here are the up-sides:

Using an epilator:

  • can give you smooth skin for up to 4 weeks
  • reduces the amount of hair that will grow back
  • better for your skin than waxing
  • you don’t have to go to a salon to have it done (big money saver!)

and this particular epilator, the Braun SE5270 Silk-epil epilator, has done a great job making the process as comfortable as possible.

Before You Begin

buy braun se5280 silk epil 5In order to prep the skin for the epilating process, take a warm shower to clean and relax the skin. Make sure the shower isn’t too hot and that you are using a pH-neutral shower gel so that you don’t dry out your skin. Be sure your skin in completely dry and free from grease or cream.

Keep your Braun SE5280 out of the reach of children and away from water. Do not use if you have reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities. Do not share this appliance with other people, and do not use the appliance on head hair, eyelashes, ribbons, etc.

High-Frequency Massage

The Braun SE5280 has active massage rollers that stimulate the skin with micro-pulsations before and after removing the hair, leaving your skin more relaxed and maximizing skin comfort.

Cooling Glove

Along with your Braun SE5280, you will receive a cooling glove that cools the skin before using the epilator and soothes the skin afterwards, further increasing skin comfort.

Close-Grip Technology

The Braun SE5280 has a whopping 40 tweezers that have been engineered to close at exactly the right angle to grip the hairs even closer to the skin, which yields better hair removal for even the shortest hairs and a more comfortable process.

Pivoting Head

The appliance has a pivoting head to more accurately match the curves of the body to increase accuracy and thoroughness. This is a process you don’t want to have to do twice and Braun has designed a tool that will be super efficient the first time around.

SoftLift Tips

To increase effectiveness, the Braun SE5280 has tiny, round, rubber tips that can lift even flat-lying hairs and guide them to the tweezers for removal.


The Braun SE5280 Silk-epil epilator even comes with a spotlight, so that even the finest hairs become visible. It helps guide your way through a no-miss removal process.

Fully Washable

Though you don’t want your Braun SE5280 to come anywhere near water when in use, the entire device can be washed under running water for better hygiene and to lower the likelihood of clogging. Just make sure it is unplugged when doing so.

Speed Personalization

The Braun SE5280 comes with two speed settings. The first setting is for extra gentle epilation and the second setting is for extra efficient epilation.

Your first time using an epilator can be quite painful, but after the first time your hair will grow back at different rates. This means that you will have less hair to epilate on the second go-round. Additionally, you will find that, after time, you will simply have less hair that grows back, making the process faster and less painful.

But for your first time, make sure you’ve prepped the skin, use the cooling glove, and stay on the first setting. You also don’t know how your skin will react and what it will look like the next day. Red bumps aren’t really very attractive, so be extra gentle your first time and make sure to moisturize.

After You Epilate

After you epilate, be sure to exfoliate your skin. By not scrubbing away the dead skin after pulling a hair from its follicle, you run the risk of ingrown hairs, which are ugly and painful.

You don’t need to do this right away when your skin is irritated, but within a day or so make sure to use a sugar scrub (or something similar) when you shower or bathe.

It is also be a good idea to moisturize the skin to help cool and decrease the likelihood of red bumps or other irritation.


The Braun SE5280 Silk-epil epilator comes with a few awesome attachments.

  • Shaver Head
  • Trimmer Cap
  • Efficiency Cap

The shaver head attachment turns your epilator into a full-fledged dry shave razor. The trimmer cap helps epilate the more sensitive areas of the body. And the efficiency cap helps concentrate skin contact for fast and efficient epilation.

In addition to the attachments, the Braun SE5280 also comes with a brush for cleaning the head and a pouch for clean storage and travel.

Pros and Drawbacks

Consumers love the spotlight. The overwhelming feeling is that most thought the feature was silly until they used it and found that it made the epilating process much more efficient, being able to spot fine hairs right away.

Some consumers complained that the speed on the Braun SE5280 isn’t fast enough in either setting and, especially in more sensitive areas (underarms, bikini line, etc.) the slow speeds are painful. Yet others seemed to think that the slower speeds decreased the pain. So the verdict on that point will, apparently, be up to your personal preference.

Most consumers also have neutral feelings on the cooling glove. The general consensus is that simply applying a hydrating lotion post-epilating is better and more effective than the glove.

In Short

The Braun SE5280 Silk-epil epilator could possibly be the best unit for the beginner epilator. If you understand that you’re getting into a beauty routine that is inherently uncomfortable, consumers seem to think that you will love this model.

If you are looking for an accurate epilator, a unit that you don’t have to worry about changing out batteries, and that is arguably less painful than other models, the Braun SE5280 Silk-epil is for you.