What Is The Tri All About ?

Unwanted hair has always been a bother. Removing them takes time if you want to use conventional shaving, waxing, or plucking techniques. The terrible part about it is that the hair grows back very quickly.

You could avoid stressing out about your unwanted hair by using effective and efficient home laser hair treatments such as Tria. The information below will definitely help you decide if this brand is for you.

The Tria Hair Removal Laser

The Tria Hair Removal Laser is an innovative hair removal device you can use in the privacy of your own home. It effectively removes unwanted hair and leaves your skin smooth and silky. It is much like a professional device that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars every time you use it.

It could permanently remove your unwanted hair and you never have o go to a dermatological clinic for it. It is very convenient and very easy to use. Tria has a laser very similar to what the dermatologists use. It is effective and safe, giving only permanent hair removal results.

Tria has a very sleek and slim design that allows you to perform your treatments easily. Its angles top makes the delivery of the laser more visible, allowing more precision to the area you want to treat. This device will free you from endless waxing or shaving.

The high technology that Tria has makes hair removal an easy, stress-free task. In fact, the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x Review is an upgraded version that you should consider. It has a Pulse Counter that shows in its improved digital display.

 What to Expect

When you start using Tria, you will have mild redness. Don’t worry because it will disappear after a day. You won’t have hair re-growth in about 2-3 months. When hair does grow, the strands will be finer and lighter. You will also notice a significant reduction in the amount of hair that grows back.

About three months after the initial treatment, the hair follicles that have been targeted by Tria will be deactivated. All you need to do by then is perform occasional touch ups to make sure that hair will not grow back anymore.

What Studies Have Shown

After using Tria in your first month, you will have 70% of hair reduction in targeted areas.

Hair re-growth yields finer and lighter hair strands. This is why the results come very close to permanent hair removal.

 Review on the Power and Efficiency

It takes you 2 hours to charge Tria. It also has 5 comfort settings that affect battery life. Battery power lasts only 30 minutes especially if you maintain a steady pace. At high levels, an interval of up to 2 seconds is needed in between zaps to keep the unit cool as you use it.

The Tria has a small head (about a quarter of an inch). This takes a lot of zaps to treat each area. Even if it is small, the head allows the treatment sessions to be more bearable. It is painful especially in areas with dense hair growth.

The reason behind the pain is the destruction of the melanin or the skin pigments. More pain results from more pigments destroyed.

If you are a skinny person, you will have a slight problem with Tria because you will have difficulty using it flat against your skin. You would have to collect your skin together so that the treatment head could concentrate on that hairy part.

How is Tria More Practical?

The Tria laser removal is more economical to use. If you opt for a dermatological series of treatments that require you to go to the clinic, you will spend up to $12,000. This amount is broken down into the following:

  1. Upper lip = $500
  2. Forearms = $1,750
  3. Underarms = $1,750
  4. Upper legs = $2,500
  5. Bikini area = $2,500
  6. Lower legs = $4,200

If you choose to purchase Tria lasers, you will only spend $299 to $499. A total steal, right? The company will also give you a 90-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee.
Additional Facts

Tria is a wise decision when it comes to performing hair removal at home. You just have to be ready for the pain, which is the ultimate sacrifice that you could make for beauty. Also be realistic with the results that you want to achieve.

Using such a device at home takes a longer time to yield results. This is because you will be adapting to the treatment and the effects that go with it. Tria does give you permanent hair removal you just have to be patient.

 The Verdict

If you want to remove hair conveniently in the privacy of your own home, you know that you can never go wrong with the Tria laser. You will definitely get more information about this gadget by reading as many Tria laser reviews as you can.