Best Hair Removal Products – Popular Methods and Products Revealed!

Many people have unnecessary hair growths and it’s quite common for unwanted hair to grow particularly on the underarm, upper lip, legs, cheek, chin, toes, feet and even on the back. The solution is finding the best hair removal products! But do you know the best method to use? Various methods work differently depending on skin tone and area of the body.

You have to remember that there are different hair removal methods available out there which may include waxing, electric shavers, tweezers, disposable shavers, coils, electrolysis, sugaring, laser/pulsed lighted, epilators, creams and lotions.

The Different Hair Removal Methods – Detailed Comparisons

First up, let’s talk about what makes the different hair removal methods unique from each other to provide you a better idea on what process may work to your benefit.

Laser vs. Electrolysis

These methods are usually done by experts but with technology, they have become available for home use. These aren’t for everyone and may require several sessions before you can actually see desirable results. What makes each one different?

Laser hair removal is more expensive than electrolysis but less painful. The method uses pulse light to kill the hair follicles on problems areas. Each session takes about 10 minutes or less depending on the area and this works best on light skin dark hair on areas such as bikini, legs, chin and upper lip. But expect some of the hair growing back.

Electrolysis is a more guaranteed method as it kills every follicle being treated. This is best on small areas such as upper lip, brows and chin. When it comes to the pain factor, it is more painful as the procedure involves one hair at a time.  You may have to deal with a sterile needle inserted into every hair follicle and the process may last for 30 minutes depending on the area.

Electric Shaver vs. Epilator

An electric shaver is perhaps the most common type and one of the easiest and painless hair removal methods. The result is temporary though as hair grows back the next day since the procedure merely cuts the hair off on the skin surface using a bladed device powered by electricity. This usually requires application of moisturizer before the procedure for smooth glide of the shaver. Check out our reviews for women electric shavers here.

The epilator is also an electrical device used in hair removal but this one doesn’t have any blade. It’s quite similar to waxing as it pulls hair from the roots, so it’s a bit painful. The result is smooth skin that may last for a few weeks. Hair takes longer to grow back and when it does it grows finer and softer.  You can find our epilator reviews here.

Waxing vs. Sugaring

Waxing can be super painful and quite messy. It is done by applying a sticky substance on the area to be treated. The substance then binds hair to a piece of cloth which is peeled off eventually typically against the hair growth direction. Hair is guaranteed removed from the roots but will grow back over time.

Sugaring, on the other hand, is a substitute for waxing but painful as well. Instead of sticky substance, the procedure uses sugar, lemon juice and water (caramel consistency) applied on the problem area. A strip of cloth is peeled off quickly against the direction of hair growth pulling hair from the roots. This is a less messy procedure as the mixture rinses off easily with water.

Hair Removal Methods and the Best Product Options

You must know by now what makes each hair removal method different from each other. If you want a more in depth information and looking for the best hair removal products, hang on and just keep reading.

Laser / Pulsed Light

How laser hair removal worksIf you are considering laser hair removal, expect the following:


  • Works on all areas of the body
  • Smooth and hair-free skin
  • Guaranteed hair growth reduction


  • Quite expensive
  • Tingling pain may be felt
  • Not guaranteed permanent
  • Works on light skin dark hair only

The best laser products I have found on the market are the Remington Products IPl6000R Refurbished Remington I-Light Professional IPL Hair Removal System, the BellaLite by Silk’n: Professional Hair Removal At Home and the Silk’n Personal Light-Based Hair Removal Device for Home Use. These are designed for home use which are pretty cost efficient and designed to be user-friendly. These guarantee long-term positive results so just make sure to follow instructions.


tria laser reviewsThis is a more guaranteed hair removal option and the good news is there are available devices for home use. So, that leaves you a more convenient option. Find out its good and bad points.


  • Irreversible hair removal option
  • Kills hair follicle preventing hair growth
  • Cheaper than laser


  • Tedious process
  • Only works great for small areas like chin, upper lip and brows
  • Not painful at all
  • Most repeat the process several times to best result

You have three choices with different price ranges – the Vector Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal System, the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X and the Verseo ePen Permanent Hair Removal System. Each device has unique features; so discover what works for you.


waxing legsThis hair removal method is common but can hurt. Check it out and determine if this is for you.


  • Hair grows thinner
  • Works on all body areas particularly legs and bikini area
  • Inexpensive
  • Lesser pain after several procedure
  • May last up to 6 weeks
  • For both men and women


  • Quite messy
  • The process is quite painful
  • Hair grows after several weeks
  • May cause skin irritation

If you want to do it yourself to avoid the cost of paying an expert, you can try these DIY kits available on the market – the Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit, the BodyHonee Hair Removal Waxing Kit for Men & Women and the Surgi-wax Brazilian Waxing Kit For Private Parts.

Electric Shaver

remington wdf 3600For people who are always on the go, electric shaver may be an achievable option but find out its good and bad points.


  • Immediate result
  • Smooth finish
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Simple and fast
  • Inexpensive
  • Pain-free
  • Works on sensitive skin


  • Hair grows back easily
  • Hair is cut off just on the skin surface
  • Best used on legs and underarms
  • Comes with bladed head

You may want to try these products for ladies – the Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Wet/Dry Shaver for Ladies and Remington WDF-3600 Smooth & Silky Women’s Shaver. They are equipped with features for bikini area and shower-safe.


silk epil package contentsThese are like shavers but works like waxing. They work by pulling hair from the roots and usually designed with contoured and pivoting heads to perfectly work with the shape of the problem area. Here’s what you may have to expect.


  • Easy to use and not messy
  • Takes sometime before hair grows back
  • Hair grows finer without stubble
  • Cheaper than going to the clinic
  • Works on all skin color
  • Washable parts
  • With speed options for different areas


  • Not advisable for ingrown hair
  • Can be pretty painful
  • The noise can be disturbing
  • Discharges quickly

The Remington Epilator Smooth and Silky Wet/Dry Face and Body, the Panasonic ES-ED90-P Ladies Wet and Dry Epilator/Shaver and the Philips HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Epilator are great options when considering buying your own epilator.


These hair removal methods may not be for everyone. Although the kit may be affordable, it only works for some skin and hair type. Check out the pros and cons.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to apply
  • No bumps and burns
  • For all areas
  • Pain-free
  • Works as exfoliant as well


  • May cause skin irritation on sensitive skin
  • Can be messy
  • Uneven application may result to patchy look
  • May not be effective on dark hair

The Dermology Hair Removal Cream Remover Lotion Gel, the Revitol Hair Removal Cream and the Nisim Kalo Hair Inhibitor Spray & Lotion Permanent Hair Remover are some available options you may consider. See what works on you.

Hair removal methods come in a wide range but the fact is not all may work to your advantage. After all the information you read you should be able to make an educated decision. You can also read specific reviews about each of the best hair removal products and methods you are interested in before making your final decision.