Inside Look of the Braun SE7681 Wet and Dry Epilator

Braun SE7681 Review

Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator
Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator
Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator
With 42 tweezers the Braun SE7681 serves as a great wet and dry epilator that women love to use.
Feature List

  • Close-Grip Technology
  • Pivoting Head
  • Soft-Lift Tips
  • Smartlightepilate
  • High-Frequency Massage
  • Olay Cooling Wet Wipes
  • Waterproof and Washable
  • Speed Personalization

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Many epilators come corded, which implies two things: 1. you are stuck epilating next to an outlet and 2. you cannot use it in wet conditions.

The Braun SE7681 however, is battery powered, can be used anywhere on the body, and is safe to use in wet conditions. This allows you to have a more comfortable experience and to produce smoother skin.

Close-Grip Technology

The Braun SE7681 epilator is armed with forty tweezers that close at exactly the right time to remove hair directly from the roots. The tweezers are designed to remove even the shortest hairs and can effectively eliminate hairs as short as 0.5mm.

Braun 7681 Pivoting Head

The head of the Braun SE7681 epilate pivots to match the curves of your body. The Braun SE7681 epilate can be used anywhere on the body, so this feature is definitely needed and makes the appliance more efficient and more comfortable to use.

SoftLift epilate Tips

The Braun SE7681 epilate has soft, round, rubber tips that lift flat-lying hairs to easily guide them into the tweezer epilate area. This helps ensure that you will get all of the hairs the first time around and will not have to go around a second time.

Smartlight epilate

This is a really cool feature that I have been seeing more often. The Braun SE7681 epilate comes will a spotlight on the front, so that as you go along you can see even the finest and lightest hairs.

This helps you epilate more effectively and, again, eliminates the need for a second time around. It also keeps you from needing to rig up some extra light source near your legs.

High-Frequency Massage

The high-frequency massage system stimulates the skin to both relax and soothe. This makes the epilating process more comfortable. The skin will more easily let go of the hairs and more readily recover from the plucking sensation.

Olay epilate Cooling Wet Wipes

Epilating is certainly not the most comfortable process, but Braun has done everything they can to create a product that maximizes comfort and they have provided above and beyond what is probably necessary.

One of the extras they have thrown in are these Olay epilate cooling wet wipes. Before epilating, you can use these special cooling wet wipes designed by Olay to help relax the skin for maximum comfort while using the Braun SE7681.

Silk Epil is Waterproof and Washable

Because the Braun SE7681 is battery operated and has a sealed body, the Braun SE7681 can be used in the shower and cleaned under running water. The great thing about this is that running water can help soothe the skin as you are epilating. And being able to wash the device under running water is a great plus as well.

Speed Personalization

It has been my experience that woman have vastly different preferences when it comes to speed settings and what is more or less painful. There are two speed settings on the SE7681 epilator and you can decide which one is more efficient and is less painful for you.


The It comes with five head attachments to make the grooming of any body area almost effortless.

It comes with:

  • Shaver Head
  • Trimmer Cap
  • Sensitive Area Cap
  • Facial Cap
  • Efficiency Cap

The shaver head allows you to use your epilator as a dry shaver. The trimmer cap helps trim hair in sensitive areas. The sensitive area cap is especially designed to perfectly fit to the underarms and bikini area. The facial cap helps make removing unwanted facial hair easier. The efficiency cap helps ensure maximum skin contact for the most efficient results.

It also does comes will a pouch for easy and clean storage and travel.

Silk epil 7681 Pros and Cons

Consumers rave about how quick and efficient this product is. Forty tweezers can cover a large surface area and the customizable speed settings help you get the job done exactly how you like it.

Consumers also love the spotlight and how much easier it is to spot those light and fine hairs. They love how fast this device is and how efficient it can be in a short amount of time.

Epilators come with a lot of pros in general, and the Braun SE7681 is no exception. You do not have to epilate very often to keep your skin soft and hair-free. And, over time, your hair will stop growing back altogether. Keep that in mind when choosing which areas to epilate.

One of the most common complaints is the battery life. You also cannot use the device while it is plugged in. This is probably because Braun sells the product as a wet and dry product and they does not want anyone hopping in the shower with an extension cord.

However, you only get about forty-five minutes of use from an hour charge. Therefore, if it takes you longer than forty-five minutes to epilate, you will have to wait an hour in between to let your device charge. It is a good things this device works quickly, because you may be able to complete the job in under an hour.

In Short

If you are looking for an efficient and fast epilator that can be used both wet and dry and can groom every spot you have ever wanted, this is the tool for you. You can find the best price for it here on amazon.