Best Laser Options To Privately Remove Your Hair

laser hair removal

Are you sick of shaving? Or going for waxing appointments? If so, we're happy to let you in on a little secret: there's another hair removal system that you can do in the privacy of your home. Home Laser hair removal is a tried and true solution for many people. Ask anyone who has tried it, and you'll probably find a number of very happy customers. That is why you should look at laser hair removal at home reviews to find out the most effective home laser hair removal device you could purchase.

Laser Hair Removal Devices At Home Comparison Table 2019


LaserFeaturesOur Rating
Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001
Venus Silk Expert IPL 5001
  • Product Will Result in Permanent Laser Hair Removal
  • Cost effective for a Home Treatment System
  • Non-Stop Power for Uninterrupted Treatment
  • SensoAdapt Technology Operates According to Skin Tone
  • Can Treat One Limb in 8 Minutes
Remington ILight Pro System
remington ilight pro
  • Laser Hair Removal Uses Scientifically-Designed Pulses of Light to Stop Hair Growth
  • Leaves Skin Smooth, Clear and Beautiful
  • After Three Treatments, Results Last 6 Months
  • Product Cleared by the FDA
  • One Replacement Bulb Included
Silk’n SensEpil System
Silk’n SensEpil
  • Physician Approved Home-use Laser Hair Removal Device
  • Comes with a Total of 4 Lamp Cartridges
  • Full Leg Can be Treated in Less Than 30 Minutes
  • Skin Tone Sensor is Very Consistent
  • Reviews are about 50-50 on Customer Satisfaction
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X
tria beauty 4x
  • Digital Display for Accurate Laser Hair Removal Results
  • Access to Live Help and 60-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Disables Hair Follicles for Permanent Results
  • Cleared by the FDA for Home Use
  • Customers Complain Treatment Area is Small
Phillips Lumea
armpit hair removal
  • Five Adjustable Light Energy Settings for Laser Hair Removal
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, 2 Year Warranty
  • Shave Skin Before Treatment
  • 75% Hair Reduction After 4 Treatments
  • Product Will Last 6 Years Without Replacement Parts
Veet Infini’Silk Pro Light-Based IPL
Veet Infini Silk Pro
  • Laser Hair Removal Designed for Both Women and Men
  • Has 5 Light Energy Levels
  • Works for Full Body Treatments
  • Results in 4-5 Treatments
  • Hair Reduction Varies With Each Individual

Home Laser Hair Removal Device Reviews

Tria Laser Hair Removal

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

Tria Home Laser Hair Removal Device has been developing its technology through the years. Since 2008, Tria has been the spearhead in hair removal technology. Theirs is the first home laser hair removal product for home use approved by the FDA.

The FDA said that Tria is very much similar to the professional grade laser hair removal devices in clinics. Tria can help you remove unwanted hair permanently in just a couple of treatments. It uses high-level diode lasers to destroy the hair follicles by the root by targeting the pigments. Check out our detail review of the tria 4x here.

When the follicles are hit the second or third time, the area would have no hair growth after. The treatment will only be complete after multiple sessions. It is very safe in any type of skin and is less painful than other hair removal products.

 Silk’n SensEpil Essentials

Silk'n SensEpil Hair Removal Unit COMBO PACK
Silk'n SensEpil Hair Removal Unit COMBO PACK
Silk'n SensEpil Hair Removal Unit COMBO PACK

Silk’n SensEpil Home Hair Removal Device uses Home Pulsed Light Technology (HPL) that provides hair removal on a long term basis. It’s sophisticated and is approved by the FDA. It could remove the hair on your entire leg in just half an hour.

It usually takes 2 weeks to 6 months for you to have a hair-free body with Silk’n SensEpil. If you purchase the Combo Pack, you will also have additional lamp cartridges—a total of four—so that you could get on with your treatments without interruptions.

Take note that this home laser hair removal product should be plugged in. It is not battery operated. This is a good thing because you won’t have to perform your sessions in a hurry before you run out of battery power.

It also has a big HPL head that covers more surface area. Users said that it is more comfortable to manipulate. The head is light enough to be held against the skin throughout each session. Silk’n SensEpil is a much better choice considering you have more lamps and more power to work on your hair follicles.

Remington iLIGHT Pro Home Hair Removal System

You can start your quest for permanent hair removal with The Remington iLIGHT Pro Hair Removal Device. Within three treatments you will see permanent results and visibly smoother skin.

Features List

  • Technology: IPL. Intense Pulsed Light
  • Bulb Lasts for 10 Full Body Treatments
  • Skin Contact and Tone Sensors
  • Professional Technology Used
  • Two-year Warranty

How it works

This is an electrical powered unit that can sense the tone of your skin and sense when it touches your skin so it will start to work. It uses scientifically-designed pulses of light to stop hair growth.

With as little as 3 treatments, you will see a new kind of clear, smooth, beautiful skin.

This product was tested in a multi-site clinical trial and a leading dermatologist helped to develop it. The Remington iLIGHT Pro has ProPluse technology that is much like professional hair removal devices but at a much cheaper price.

Check The best price here and to Read Reviews

Facts to Consider

It is best to read all instruction before starting a treatment and do your research to see if it is right for your color of hair and skin.

Most IPL treatment devices do not work on very blonde or grey hair or on dark skin over tattoos. Don’t waste your money if you fall into these categories.

As far as pain is concerned, most people find that the sensation is fairly comfortable so there is no need to take breaks during treatments. The unit is powered by electricity so there is no battery to recharge in the middle of a session.


For a permanent home laser hair removal system, the Remington iLIGHT Pro Hair Removal System is a great buy. You will see results in as little as 3 weeks and have smooth, soft, and silky skin. You will get a salon quality treatment in the privacy of your own home. Hope you enjoy this product.

Veet Infini'Silk Pro IPL Home Laser Hair Removal Device

The Veet Infini' Silk Pro IPL, is a product that was created for women and also men, so they can get a salon quality hair removal  treatment in their own home. It is FDA cleared for home use.

Veet Infini Silk Pro

Features List

  • Permanent Reduction in 4-5 Treatments
  • Can Be Used For Full Body Except Face
  • Available for Both Men and Women
  • Skin Color and Contact Sensor
  • Instructional Manual Included

How The Veet Infini'Silk Works

Before using this product, please read the instruction manual that comes with it. There are many situations where this type of product is not suitable . Safety first!

Since this is a laser unit, it will flash an intensive pulsed light every few seconds that will affect the hair follicles ability to grow hair. You can select the desired energy level that you are most comfortable with, from  1-5, 5 being the most intense.

The light pulse that is emitted will seek out the pigmented cells through the hair follicles to stop the growth of hair at the roots. This is why it is suggested that you first shave the area you are going to do the treatment on.

The skin sensor's function is to sense that the product is on the skin and ready to emit a pulse. The color sensor assures that it will only work on skin with suitable color tones. It will not work on darker skin or deeply tanned skin.

Check For The best price and to Read Reviews

When Will I See Results?

You should be able to notice an initial difference in 4-5 treatments with pronounced permanent hair reduction after as few as ten sessions. All of this will depend on hair color and type, skin color and other factors.


The Veet Infin'Silk Pro is a laser product used  for permanent reduction in hair removal. It is not recommended for facial use but can be used on the rest of the body. Some customers are not happy with the customer service department of this company. Others think the product is the best thing since sliced bread.

But Is A Home Laser Hair Removal Device Right For You?

Read on to find out if it is.

If You hate shaving it is!

This is the reason many people opt for laser hair removal over other methods. There are many reasons you might hate shaving. Just a few of them could include:

  • You hate having to do it so often.
  • It takes too long.
  • You always wind up accidentally nicking yourself.
  • You get ingrown hairs.
  • You always wind up missing a spot.
  • You don't like the fact that you have to do it again and again, for the rest of your life.
  • It's just inconvenient!

Whatever your reason, laser hair removal takes care of all of that. With this method, you don't have to worry about cuts or ingrown hairs. You'll get decent coverage.

And best of all, after a few treatments, you'll be good to go for years, and maybe even longer. Say goodbye to your razor, or even thinking about your hair. If this sounds appealing, this might be the method for you.

Laser hair removal at home can be very convenient especially if you don’t have the time or the money to have professional treatments. If you want an economical way to use laser hair removal, then you should read the product reviews below.

You have dark, coarse hair it could be..

This is the type of hair that home laser hair removal works best for. It's also the type that benefits the most. If you have dark, coarse hair, you probably know why.

This is the sort of hair that grows back in noticeably after just a couple of days. And if you deal with it, you know just how frustrating it is to have to constantly maintain it.

But laser hair removal takes care of this kind of hair quickly and efficiently. And, again, once it's gone, it's gone. For at least a few years, you can live your life blissfully hair free. This method can be a godsend for people who are sick of dealing with unsightly, dark hairs that don't seem to go away.

It's also perfect for areas that you might not want to shave regularly for whatever reason. If this is something you relate to, consider this treatment.

You're too busy for other treatments

For people who don't have time to keep up with their body hair regularly, laser hair removal can be the perfect solution.

If you've caught on by now, this is a long lasting solution. It's what makes people choose it over shaving or waxing, which both need to be done regularly because they don't have the same lasting results.

If you have a busy life, you probably don't have the time to spend on these treatments.

But laser hair removal is fast. Appointments take as little as twenty minutes to complete, and at most only take an hour.

And, again, they aren't a constant thing. It does take multiple treatments, but once it's done, it's done for a very long time, unlike waxing or shaving, which needs to be kept up indefinitely.

If you're sick of keeping up on hair removal, free up your time with this treatment.

You don't like growing out hair

Tell us if this sounds like you: you go to get waxed. But then you have to wait between appointments, and you aren't allowed to shave in that time. You hate the way it looks but you can't do anything about it.

Waxing is great for the first few days but can be inconvenient because of this.

However, with laser hair removal, you're actually encouraged to shave between appointments. While you're waiting for the treatments to be finished, you can keep up on hair removal on your own.

This is great if you hate the way your body hair looks on you.

Shaving will probably be much easier once you know that you won't have to be doing it forever. While the cuts and ingrown hairs are inconvenient, they aren't forever.

Soon, you won't have to worry about shaving — or any hair removal whatsoever. And that's the beauty of this treatment.

You've done your research

Of course, while this is a great option, the final decision rests with you.

People who are really serious about laser hair removal are the ones who took the time to research it thoroughly and decide if it's right for them. If you're on this article, it means that you've already taken steps to make this a reality. You are, at the very least, interested in this treatment.

But take the time to research various services and at home remedies, so that you can decide what's best for you. If you have decided that laser hair removal is worth it, though, you still aren't done. Because there is one thing that stops a lot of people who would otherwise be all over this option:


Professional laser hair removal can cost up to $900, especially for larger areas like the back. That price tag is enough to put a lot of people off of it. But there is another way.

Don't want to pay for laser hair removal?

If that's the case, at home laser hair removal devices are available for you at a much cheaper rate. If you've done your research, then you know that a lot of people actually warn against using an at-home laser hair removal product.

This is because it can be dangerous when it isn't in the hands of a professional. It's easy to overdo it and do damage to your body. But that isn't always the case.

For example, the Tria Hair Removal Laser has many safety features in place that make it easy for you to do hair removal at home without any worries about whether or not you're using it correctly.

We don't have enough good things to say about this product, and we think you'll love it, too.

For more information on the Tria Hair Removal Laser, you can read our review of it here!

What Are The Options To Do It At Home

Shaving is a taxing way to remove hair especially on your bikini area, legs, or underarms. Usually, laser hair removal is used to avoid shaving all the time. This used to be a non-surgical procedure offered in clinics. It sets you back $300 for every session. With today’s highly advanced technology, you can use laser to remove hair in the privacy of your own home.

The laser hair removal devices that are available in the market emit a beam of light that’s concentrated. The light is absorbed by the hair follicle’s pigment. This eliminates the hair’s re-growth. As long as you prepare your skin and the device correctly, there will be no problems at all.

The home laser hair removal procedure is also very close to achieving permanent hair removal because it could destroy up to 70% of hair follicles in every session. When hair does grow back, it will be finer and softer. It can be removed easily in the next sessions.

It is more economical for you to purchase a home laser hair removal product instead of spending a lot more at surgical clinics. For just about $300 to $500, you could have your very own device.


The Verdict

Laser hair removal at home, can be accomplished by purchasing the right product that best suits you. It