7030 Remington Smooth and Silky Epilator

Remignton EP7030 Epilator Review

Remington EP7030 Epilator
Remington EP7030 Epilator
Remington EP7030 Epilator

Remington has a great option for hair removal that includes service for every part of the body. We are going to review the Remignton EP7030 epilator in detail looking at the benefits, features, where to buy it and if it is worth the money.

Feature List

  • Total Coverage Tweezer System
  • Pivot Head
  • 2 Speed Settings
  • Spotlight
  • Wet or Dry Use
  • Anti-Slip Material
  • Cordless

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The concept of beauty, what counts as cleanliness, what is considered attractive, and many other related opinions change with the ages. In our current age, beauty, youth, and cleanliness revolves around the state of the skin.
When a woman’s skin is smooth, silky, shiny, and wrinkle-free, she is considered beautiful and, consequently, she often feels beautiful because of that. Otherwise, let’s get rolling to seeing what this is all about!

Remington EP7030 Feature and Benefits Break Down

Total Coverage Tweezer System

Each company has their own system for setting tweezers in the epilator head that they feel will be most effective. Some have tweezers in rows, some have them on wheels, and some, like Remington, set theirs in staggered rows.

By staggering the tweezers, the head can be more efficient by eliminating any empty space. This ensures that there are tweezers working on every inch of your skin at all times. It also advertises up to six weeks of smooth, silky results.

There are 40 stainless steel tweezers on the Remington EP7030, which is actually one of the smaller amounts. Staggering them, however, allows them to work twice as hard.

Pivot Head

It is important that the head of an epilator pivot, or at least come with an attachment that does. Your body is not one straight line, so it follows that you would want a device that can contour to the natural curves and bends of your body.

The Remington EP7030 has you covered, literally. Whether you are epilating over your knees, around your ankle bones, in the chin area, or taking care of your underarms, the pivoting head will conform to the exact angle needed to efficiently epilate any area.

2 Speed Settings

The Remington EP7030 has 2 speed settings: a slower one for fine hair and more sensitive areas, and a faster one for courser hair areas.

This slow setting is actually super slow in comparison to other epilators. This makes epilating more sensitive areas easier and less painful. Having the faster setting works well for your underarms and is able to work faster when epilating your legs.


With this model, as well as many other epilators currently on the market, you get a spotlight. It really would be totally crazy for companies to not include this feature. Having a spotlight makes it so easy to see every hair, no matter how light or fine, so that you can get the job done in one pass. Because, let’s be honest, epilating isn’t the most fun experience to begin with. Why would you want to have to do it twice?

Wet or Dry Use

The Remington EP7030 can be used dry or in the shower. Having the spotlight in the shower is great too, because often people don’t have natural light in their shower or a strong spotlight above.

Epilating in the shower can help cut down on the pain level because the heat will open up your pores and allow the skin to let go of the hair roots more willingly, the steady stream of water is soothing on the skin, the water assists the tweezers to grasp the hairs, and the wet conditions help alleviate any redness or inflammation that can appear.

Anti-Slip Material

If you do choose to epilate in the shower, the Remington EP7030 comes coated with an anti-slip material on the handle so that you won’t drop it, even if you are soapy.

It obviously helps when dry epilating as well, but it goes without saying that you will find it more useful in wet conditions.


The Remington EP7030 is a cordless device, as all wet/dry epilators are, for the simple reality that water and electricity will never be friends. This also means that you cannot use the epilator while it is plugged in.

It takes about an hour to charge the device and then you can get about forty minutes of use out of it. That seems to be the timeframe across the board for cordless epilators.


The Remington EP7030 comes with three attachable heads:

  • Perfect Angle Cap
  • Massaging Cap with Aloe Vera
  • Precision Cap

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The perfect angle cap is for use when epilating the legs. This is the head that pivots and makes it easier to get around the ankles and knees. The massaging cap with aloe vera is designed to soothe the skin as you epilate to help alleviate some pain. The precision cap is the attachment you will use when epilating the face or bikini line. It narrows the surface area of the tweezers for more accurate tweezing of smaller areas.

The Remington EP7030 also comes with a carrier bag to make storage and traveling easier.

Pros and Cons

Having an epilator that can be used both wet and dry is a great pro. Having the spotlight and staggered tweezers are also great selling points. Consumers also really like the super slow speed of the slow setting on this device. It tends to truly remove hairs instead of ripping or cutting them prematurely without removing the root. This device is also really great for facial hair.

Unfortunately, this device received a low rating and complained about the pain (which will be the case with any epilator, but it does seem that some tend to be more painful than others), a poor battery life, and that the design is a bit awkward with large caps that don’t stay attached super well.

In Short

If you don’t want to spend a fortune, want a device designed for removing unwanted facial hair, and have your heart set on a wet/dry model, you would do well to consider the Remington EP7030. However, if you have very coarse hair, have a very low pain threshold, or need a device with faster speed settings, you may want to consider something else.

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